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In life we don’t always have the skills and knowledge to deal with everyday stressors, anxiety and overload! These are all symptoms of living… our emotions and unconscious beliefs run every part of our life.

When we have the skills to deal with life in general, our emotions and toxic overload, life tends to flow with more ease, grace and freedom…what I call effortless.

Join ‘Real Conversations to Nourish your Soul’ and build skills in resilience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, nutrition, optimum wellbeing and self love.

This 8 part series is a place where you can join like minded individuals in small intimate groups to learn, share, connect and be in your truth. Change your reality and learn skills to pass onto our future generations!

Join ANY OR ALL of our ‘conversations’. We will be enjoying tea and a RAW TREATS SUPPER to finish the evening off.

This event will be held in RawLove Superfoods headquarters.



We live in this fast paced amazing world, with resources for everything we could possibly need. However somewhere in there we have lost connection with the basic essentials that allow us to wake up in the morning feeling energised, focused, creative and full of life.

Instead overwhelm, sluggishness, exhaustion, anxiety, brain fog and indecisiveness exude and we find ourselves running on adrenalin. On top of all that you may even find yourself hangry. What’s that you may ask? Hungry and Angry!

Are your children out of control, finding it hard to concentrate and just are not themselves?

All the above can be signs of the impact your food is having on your emotions.

Join this discussion and realise the impact of food on emotions and how to combat the highs and lows of you and your family. Learn how to utilise food to accelerate your mood and simple techniques to add into everyday life that will see you waking up feeling revitalised, exuding clarity and drive and feeling fully alive.



Anxiety and stress reign. People are running on adrenalin, feeling anxious and tired. A lot of us just don’t have the resources to understand, and the coping mechanisms to respond and manage stress. Understanding ‘stress’ gives you the power to respond in new ways to both the stressors in your life and it’s effect.

In this discussion we will discuss the things that cause you stress and anxiety. You will walk away with some simple techniques to support you to respond to stress in a healthy way and create a greater sense of calm, clarity, decisiveness and peace in your life.



Do you find it hard to SAY NO? Do you do what is right for everybody else instead of what is right for you? Do you do everything for others instead of yourself, letting others push you around or take advantage of you?

This discussion will put the spotlight on healthy and unhealthy boundaries. Learn to say no, honour yourself, respect yourself and others and make the choices that are right for you. When we learn healthy boundaries then we have the tools to value ourselves and others and teach and empower children to do the same.



Grief comes in many forms not just as the death of a loved one. We all experience grief in life in both big and small ways through the loss of a job, finances, our youth or health, a romantic partner or not being able to have a child. Yet grief is something we often avoid talking about, let alone understand.

Masking grief is unhealthy and uncomfortable. We will discuss the grief process, how to grieve, what’s healthy and unhealthy, and how to release grief so you can experience a greater sense of peace.



Many of us are taught to be nice ALL the time and that being angry is not good! Anger is just as healthy as any other emotion. It’s what we do with it that can make anger feel horribly wrong and even scary.

Do you swallow anger or don’t know how to express it in a healthy way? Recognising anger and having the tools to respond to it can change your relationship with yourself and others. Learn how to handle anger and express it in a healthy way and use it as rocket fuel to push you through challenges and fear that may keep you stuck. A side effect of expressing anger in a healthy way is improved health.



This is a very proactive conversation. Our beliefs and emotions can keep us stuck and even cripple us sometimes. We often hear that repressed emotions and unhealthy self beliefs can run our life. These repressed emotions can even stop us from creating the life we would love to live and experiencing loving healthy relationships.

In this discussion you will learn a fantastic and simple tool to support you in the release of emotions, fears, anxiety, sadness, grief, even physical pain. A simple technique that you can use on yourself and your family.

Join this conversation and learn new tools that will be powerful resources for the rest of your life.


A massive problem in today’s world is that we are impacted by toxins and stressors on many levels. Many of us are aware of environmental pollutants, particular toxins in the chemical sprayed on our food. Are you aware that these potent chemicals can have a very negative effect on our emotions and coping mechanisms?

Another point often overlooked and slipping under the radar is the impact of mobile phones, computers, radio towers, smart meters and even simple things like the television on our general health.

In this conversation you will come to understand what these toxic stressors are, how to reduce your exposure and counteract the mental, emotional and physical impact of environmental toxins.



Be kind to yourself. Sounds simple enough, yet many of us do not know where to start. Self love starts with awareness! In our day to day life we often don’t realise how self negating we can be, on a moment by moment basis.

Self love and self acceptance are two of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Self love and self acceptance change the way you feel, see and experience yourself and the world.

This conversation is for everyone, there’s not a single person on the planet that doesn’t need just a dash more self love. Be there!