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In life we don’t always have the skills and knowledge to deal with everyday stressors, anxiety and overload! These are all symptoms of living… our emotions and unconscious beliefs run every part of our life.

When we have the skills to deal with life in general, our emotions and toxic overload, life tends to flow with more ease, grace and freedom…what I call effortless.

Join ‘Real Conversations to Nourish your Soul’ and build skills in resilience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, nutrition, optimum wellbeing and self love.

This 8 part series is a place where you can join like minded individuals in small intimate groups to learn, share, connect and be in your truth. Change your reality and learn skills to pass onto our future generations!

Join ANY OR ALL of our ‘conversations’. We will be enjoying tea and a RAW TREATS SUPPER to finish the evening off.

This event will be held in RawLove Superfoods headquarters.



Be kind to yourself. Sounds simple enough, yet many of us do not know where to start. Self love starts with awareness! In our day to day life we often don’t realise how self negating we can be, on a moment by moment basis.

Self love and self acceptance are two of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Self love and self acceptance change the way you feel, see and experience yourself and the world.

This conversation is for everyone, there’s not a single person on the planet that doesn’t need just a dash more self love. Be there!


Happy Healthy Children


This workshop focuses on helping Mums find simple, natural solutions for their children and family. No matter how old children are, they can feel unwell or unbalanced at some stage.

We will teach you to feel empowered to choose oils that will best support your children and family and their health.

Topics that will be discussed:

Essential oils for supporting children physically and emotionally.

Which are the best oils to diffuse for sleep.

What will help when they need to focus or be in balance?

Self care for you, (It is important for carer to be well and strong)

To finish off, we will demonstrate how to make your own wipes that are perfect for not only babies, but children of all ages and also how to make your own Owie spray.

Included: Essential tea and RawLove Superfoods raw food treats infused with doterra essential oils.


Cleanse & Restore Your Home with Essential Oils


This workshop teaches you how essential oils can be used to replace every day cleaning products to support you and those you love naturally. It enables you to reduce your toxic load within your home and cleanse and clear your environment for a healthier happier you.

Included: Essential tea and RawLove Superfoods raw food treats infused with doterra essential oils.


Winter Warmers Raw Food Class


Adding raw food into your diet in winter is not as difficult as it first seems. It can be a challenge, (especially living in Melbourne!) but when you know how to prepare some easy, tasty warming foods it suddenly becomes easy!

We love to have warm raw food in winter to get loads of nutrients and taste into our diet. In this class we will be demonstating how to create mouth watering recipes for optimum health and vitality.

The menu will include a Deluxe Superfood Smoothie full of warming superfoods, spicy NOT tuna pate, a creamy Red Capsicum Chipotle Soup, warm Apple Crumble & Cashew Cream and more!

Class sizes are limited. Bookings are essential.

Includes: Full demonstrations, tastings, recipes and Q&A time


Wholefood/Raw Food Class using Doterrra Essential Oils


An introduction to essential oils through exploring whole food /raw food recipes that will nourish your cells and delight your taste buds.

Refined sugar free, dairy free, gluten free.

Included: Essential tea and RawLove Superfoods raw food treats infused with doterra essential oils.


Nourishing Treats Class


Raw Treats are our favorite thing! Either eaten for breakfast, an afternoon snack or to finish off your meal we always prefer the raw kind, so dairy free, sugar free, gluten free and full of beautiful nourishing ingredients.

In this class we will teach you how to make easy, decadent, raw living treats and desserts with some simple recipes that you can whip up for your friends and family and also change around to make a variety of raw desserts.

Join us for this fun, informative class and learn about the benefits of raw living food and adding in superfoods to your diet in an easy and delicious way.

On the menu is decadent Acai Protein Balls, White Chocolate with Mulberries and Macadamias, Raspberry Mousse Cheezecake, Chocolate Cashew Snowballs and more…

Class sizes are limited so bookings are essential.Includes: Full demonstrations, tastings, recipes, Q&A time.